Functional Testing

Spiderly offers a full range end to end functional testing services. We will recommend the best method for automating functional testing efforts in your project, depending on the requirement of your project.


Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a software development method where the major functionality of an application is tested for non-critical defects like memory leaks, resource leaks, etc.

Interface Testing

We test your application’s user interface. It runs browser-based tests on the most popular browsers, operating systems and devices so that you can quickly and effortlessly detect issues in your UI.

Requirement Based Testing

Requirement testing tool that tests your code based on requirements. It’s the easiest way to test your code and prevent bugs before they happen.

Integration Testing

It integrates into your software development lifecycle and ensures that all components of your application work together smoothly is the best solution for integration testing. 


Exploratory Testing

We increase test coverage by going beyond the planned test suite, employing cognitive thinking, and thoroughly comprehending individual software features and end-user behaviour.

System Testing

We carry out a system testing service that provides extensive coverage for all the use cases and functionalities of system requirements. Teams can learn from the feedback of their customers and iterate on their products.

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  • Testing objects and results that are easy to understand, as well as extensive reporting

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