Performance Testing

Performance Testing is a process of assessing the speed, responsiveness, and stability of a software application under real-world conditions. It is a type of non-functional testing that is conducted to determine how a system performs in terms of speed, scalability, and stability. Performance testing is usually carried out during the later stages of the software development cycle after the application has been deployed to a production environment.


Load Testing

Load Testing assesses the application’s ability to handle a certain amount of users or traffic. 

Stress Testing

Stress Testing assesses the application’s ability to handle sudden spikes in high traffic or heavy user activity.

Scalability Testing

We help you scale your application by generating an increase in load on real devices.

Volume Testing

Measure software products based on the cumulative amount of stored and processed data.

Stability Testing

 We perform stability testing that allows you to execute every test case multiple times and in parallel. 

Configuration Testing

We Check performance with different software and hardware configurations to provide the best results. 

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How does Spiderly performance testing benefit helps our customers?

  • Ensure improved system availability to increase revenue generation.
  • Increased efficiency through excellent customer results in reduced transaction time and failures. 
  • Optimizing software efficiency, durability, and scalability under varying performance conditions
  • Due to tested software stability under stress and peak load, high user adoption and satisfaction rates have been achieved.