Localization Testing

Localization Testing service for web and mobile applications. We help companies to save time and money by localizing their products all over the world.  We use Crowd Testing to solve this task, which allows us to work with hundreds to thousands of testers. 


Compliance Localization Testing

Allows you to test your websites and applications for localization and internationalization support, including text directionality, languages, character sets, date/time formats etc..

Localization GUI Application Testing

Localization Testing tool for GUI applications that allows developers to automate the process of checking an application’s text, images, and other resources for differences across multiple languages.

Localization Functional Testing

We make it easy to test your Localization projects, as we provide localized testers that can access websites you are already working on and use their native language to test everything for the project.

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“Why Choose Spiderly For Your Localization Testing Service”

At Spiderly, We make sure that your application is grammatically right in many languages, as well as technically sound for the target customers. checking the layout, geographic language rules, and finding functional issues are all important to us.

Localization Testing Across Multi Devices 

  • Mobile : By assessing the solution’s input controls, navigational features, and information components, it checks for localization-induced failures in functionality and maintains user experience consistency.
  • Desktop : Our experts examine how your android, iOS, or other app’s localized information appears on different screens and look for any resulting navigation, menu, or overall look and feel issues.
  • Web: We analyze how effectively the material is suited for the target audience’s comprehension and test how localization affects website UX/UI and mobile-friendly

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